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Look, I just can’t agree – insofar as I can make out anything like a coherent
view coming from you. It seems like you didn’t even compare the syllabuses
of the DIT and CIT courses with your own.

To me if you want to become a structural engineer you have to learn as much
about that area as you can — not just as to structures here in Ireland but all
over the world : earthquake-zone structural practice, wind loading in tornado
belts, analysis methods for complex architectural forms, use of novel/natural/
indigeneous materials for load-bearing elements — and, not least, at least one
major world language like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese or Russian.
If you want a successful career in structures, you have to pack up and go abroad.

On the other hand, you just want to get an oul job in Ireland then take the sort
of general course given in UCC or UCD.
Just like so many more chameleons in our council engineering departments.
“Roads” for a few years; then “water” for a while; then “waste”; then “traffic”;
then a “manager” of something or other.
Our cities and counties are a shabby monument to their lack of real expertise.
Apart from being confidently expert in always hanging on to their old number.
And the big stupid jeep going with it.

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