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Dieter, although I appreciate your opinion, I don’t necessarily agree with the contents of your reply

Are you barking up the wrong tree?

If the condition required plans to be submitted and agreed with the planning authority, the architect is entitled to represent his/her client by testing the scope of what might be achieved by agreement within the terms of the condition. If the architect is pushing for something which is beyond a reasonable interpreation of the requirements of the condition it is a matter for the planning authority to say no.

It’s extremely difficult to express without resorting to an essay on what this individual has tried on behalf of his clients within the past twelve months. Twice applications have been returned to him as invalid and as I read the reasons for same, I can assure you that it beggers belief what he submitted to the P.A. Furthermore, revised drawings submitted by him to the P.A. only last week were in non-compliance of a condition as set by An Bord pleanala for the P.A. to observe, which they duly did.

I can honestly state that even the latest effort by this archi – illustrates the unwillingness of him/his clients to comply with the permission granted. Perhaps, he may have been testing the water, just to see what the P.A. would do and I have no doubt that eventually his drawings will comply but as a ‘professional’ wouldn’t you think that he above anyone would do what’s required and advise his clients accordingly.

I think it’s ridiculous that someone would deliberately try to go against the ruling of An Bord Pleanala. I’ve respected their decision. I would imagine that he would too.

I don’t live in a vast open area, where there is ample room for development but in an estate, and the development has set a new precedence for the area. I am totally in favour of development, as long as it harmonises with it’s surroundings and believe me when i say this, I am convinced that you’ll be hearing further about this in due course.

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