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I fully welcome this approach to using the thread. It is important that architects do think about this – a lot in the current circumstances. How they can cater for a market, what is that market etc. An excellent book though, which warns against the process of designing products around existing ‘markets’ is Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovators Solution. Clayton talks about, ‘what is the job that people are trying to do, which isn’t being done very well at the moment’.

This brings you into the whole area of non-existent markets, that can be created. And if architecture is ever going to ‘disrupt’ the existing structure in any way, then it has to adopt a disruptive approach. I cannot say much more than that, except point people towards the book in question. There should be more emphasis placed upon innovation within the professor. My observation, is that too many of the younger generation simply accept what is offered to them. Instead of saying ‘No, I think I will create something’ for myself’.

(Inserting my best Bob Geldof accent imitation)

I mean, that was more or less the straw that broke the camel’s back, in my own relationship with the the RIAI years back.

(without the Geldof accent, more of a broken country twang)

Brian O’ Hanlon

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