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I still cant figure how to quote bits but in relation to the comment “Why does the RIAI not submit plans to DCC with the solutions to College Green, Metro North, densification, pedestrianisation etc. etc.?”

I was of the same opinion and put it to some senior types in DCC planning Dept as to why there was no equivalent here to the weekly consltations between Richard Rogers and the then mayor of London, Ken Livingston. And to my surprise I was told that some very eminent architects (Shelly, Yvonne et al. ) do actually act in an advisory role to the powers that be. So while the RIAI (poor divils, they’re taking an awful lot of stick these days) may not be active in the role you suggested, other (perhaps more hands on) experts are.

Unfortunately I cant say who told me this, since it was an informal meeting and I didnt catch their names or positions so hopefully this information is actually correct – anyone know anything else about this?

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