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@Frank Taylor wrote:

here’s what I took from his article:

I disagree with every point of his analysis of the problems apart from speeding up the process and making the wording clearer. I also disagree with his solutions other than simpler, clearer wording.

A 20 year plan is the worst idea. How could a plan drawn up in 1987 be of any use to this country today?

I love the emotional appeal that something thought up by the evil Brits can’t be of any use to us God-fearing Irish and our unique way of life. The Irish way of life: driving to B&Q in your landrover to buy a new wall mount for your telly so that you can watch the premiership on Sky.

I don’t like the planning process either but for different reasons and I would advocate different solutions.

The LUTS plan in Cork is more than 20 years old and was instrumental in the cities development and infrastructure – outstanding vision in the LUTS.

The Brits gave us some amazing infrastructure which the Free State government ran into the ground,ripped out and shut down.
Now we have to pay for re-building it all again.

This is getting Pythonesque.

You clearly described my last Saturday morning in Mahon Point Cork.:)

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