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weird i was just thinkin the same thing on the 46A this morning as I was passing Ashurst at the junction of Mt Merrion Ave. and the N11. It’s a 1960’s piece of utter sh1te with no merit whatsoever. Anyone familiar with this corridor will know that a donkeyload of new high spec residential developments are being built here. Some are fantastic lookin, some not so great. But it did come to mind that Ashurst would need to be bought unit by unit by a developer in order to be removed, unlike single occupancy office blocks, which can be erased in one fell swoop.

btw, I’m a planner and I did recognise it 🙂 it’s just not easy to do much about it in the current target driven approach to housing, where planners are under pressure at Council level to grant while the goings good…

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