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@ihateawake wrote:

I was under the impression that this was 63m high? Where did I read that, or am I making things up :confused: And is there a specified height for aqua, if not what are the guesses from the pros eh?

Yes! I read the exact same figure. I even posted it here a few weeks ago. I also tried working out the floor to ceiling heights….at 16 floors, office space usually has a clearance of about 4 metres. That would make it 64m. Even, at 15 floors (because I have seen different floor counts quoted) it would be 60m with probably another couple of metres for double height lobby/entrance.

This was always touted as the new tallest in Dublin, eclipsing Liberty Hall at 60m. I have a strange suspicion that ABP randonly lopped one or two floors off (somewhere in the middle, as they frequently and bizarrely do). 60m seems to be a psychological barrier!


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