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@dave123 wrote:

I’m not sure, why is almost everyone getting on a bandwagon that Shannon will flop when stopover will be terminated

1 – Because when the stopover ends it is likely that some airlines will reduce the number of transatlantic flights they operate. Continental “added” routes because that’s what they had to do in order to add routes in Dublin. That’s how the stopover works. For every route you add in Ireland, Shannon gets one too.
2 – Shannon has a growing European/UK passenger base, but virtually all of that is provided by Ryanair. The deal Ryanair screwed them into means Shannon actually pays Ryanair €1 for every passenger. That means instead of making money on passengers, they have to suck up a loss and then try and use retail, stopover and military traffic to balance the books. Not sustainable.

@dave123 wrote:

Mickeydocs: where are your figures for greater Cork growth rate of 12% that is not a very high figure, Limerick region grew that in the last census, not to mention Limerick city grew at 4% and Cork city has fallen pretty much every census in my time. On top of that, Limerick boundary is more complex than Cork.

Cork City has fallen because the boundary is totally arseways, just like Limericks. Look at the population growth of Cork County (which stupidly puts Douglas, Togher and Bantry into the same “bucket”) and your argument doesn’t hold water anymore.

@Frank Taylor wrote:

All the subsidies for each type of public transport (rail-bus-air) should be transparent so that we know what we’re paying for. It’s easy to know the amount for each passenger flight, but how much does it cost per passenger to operate Sligo-Dublin rail? Which bus routes are in profit? A mystery.

I agree, as I’ve said before. a boyle would have us abolish subsidies completely, but what bus and rail services would survive that? You’d have an absolute decimation of services nationally. The cost of rail and bus subsidies are massively greater than air subsidies and deserve more of your ire. [Pedantic point for a boyle re post at 3.39am, airports do not receive ongoing subsidies (and very little by way of capital investment either), it is the airline operating the route into that regional airport which receives the subsidy]

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