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Thanks for the detail on those projects. Certainly balances the picture for those of us outside Cork.
However, as far as I know, Part V was designed to avoid large scale social housing developments, with 20% set as the upper limit. So I’d have concerns about the 57% (and to a lesser extent the 32%) provision- the whole ‘ghettoes of the future’ argument (this isn’t meant as reflection on the residents, lest anyone misunderstand it).
Also, you mention S.96 agreements that developers are entitled to enter into, but isn’t the default option (where agreement hasn’t been reached) the transfer of land rather than of money? And the best way of avoiding undue social segregation is the transfer of completed units, I believe.

Sorry if this has been covered in the Cork thread, but I tend only to browse it as it seems to deal predominantly with new developments, and stories like this can sometimes get buried. I think they can benefit from separate threads where they are of interest to the general population (not that we don’t care about Cork!).

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