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don’t beat about the bush, if you are interested in architecture you are interested. the part time dit design course in bolton st. might be interesting, but knowing the tutors involved, i would wonder if it is goiing to be of that much help. if you want to develop/show your spatial awareness skills i dont think learning a computer programme ( especially a second rate one such as archicad ) is going to impress anybody in the know a whole lot. if you know enough computer programmes ( architectural ones ) it just makes you qualified to be some architects computer technology whore.
so if you really want to be an architect, start doing lots of freehand drawings now ( trust me they don’t even have to be that ‘good’ i know a number of good architects that are very skilled at drawing and a similar no. of good architects that aren’t so skilled) they just need to show that you can communicate your 3 dimensional ideas to others. if you want to learn a little bit more about architecture, start attending aai lectures and the like, i do believe their calender of events is on this website. pop into a bookshop or library ( bolton st. or richview would be the easiest)
and finally around christmas time, apply to some colleges , if you have high enough points ucd will let you in on them alone, if you dont ( like moi ) the aptitude test and interview for bolton st. will come in exceptionally handy. apply to uk colleges if you can. going to college as a mature student cant be easy financially, but i can think of several currently studying in my college so it is far from impossible buddy.

et voila,

in september 2006 you could officially be on your way to being a bona fide architect. there is no point in time wasting.

best of luck.

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