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I work in Marketing in Dublin. Mail shots are a huge part of many companies communications strategy. However, you have to be aware of peoples perception of “junk mail”. There’s a company, , they produce flashy, modern packaging – ideal for mail shots. You can get a free sample. They’re based in Dublin. It’s a good way of getting YOUR message noticed when it comes through the letterbox. I’ve seen them where I work and they’re good.

As for the rest of you promo efforts – a decent website always adds to the credibility of a company.

The golden pages is always a winner, a few ads, if your budget allows it, in relative trade journals etc. Look into Google AdWords also – so if someone googles “energy rating ireland” then your company site will be high up on the list!

But the mail shots are definately worthwhile – clear message, with contact details, have a unique selling point: The first energy rating co. in the country, will call to your house – personalised service etc.. Sorry don’t know enough about what exactly the business would entail! Do follow up calls after to send the mail shots to confim the right person got it etc.

There will be alot of talk around the energy rating stuff over the next few months – it’s interesting to note that energy ratings have been in the UK for a bit but there’s no real emphasis on it – this may change though. I presume the way things are going it will be more heavily controlled in Ireland. Hope this is of help!

Ok, I think I went on a bit in this message!!!!! Sorry, hope it’s of some use 🙂

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