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@BTH wrote:

Talking complete shi*e there as usual BoB. No I do not think that Kensington is in Ballsbridge (duh) and I believe that Milan happens to be in continental Europe (unless you know something I don’t). Anyway, whats the difference between commissions for Irish architects in continental Europe and in the UK? Surely any incursion into an international context is welcome.

Yeah BTH you win that one, those two examples you give has proven to me that continental Europe is indeed beating a path to our celebrated artchitects, its a veritable stampede, the paths worn out we will have to lay some more of those crap paving stones if this keeps up … dear me what was I thinking 😉

@what? wrote:

i for one dont want a reproduction of continental europe’s courtship with ghery/ nouvel/ libeskind et al. which rambert espouses.

Congratulations you have cetainly gotten what you wanted for so. You must be delighted with what you see around you in Ireland as most of it would definitely not have been designed, approved or built on the continent of europe, Whilst Irish architects took the odd cheap Ryanair flight and came back with a few copycat ideas from their sojurns, the final product has the distinctly Irish stamp of the grubby hands, wellies, pints and ‘sure this grand, tis artists we are’ detail.

Glad to see summer has finally arrived , temperatures are up or has everyone suddenly gotten a little hot under the polo neck. Roll on the RIAI 2008 awards that should be comical.

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