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Q 1 – How many buildings built in Ireland in 2007. A 1 – Maybe over 3,000 to 4,000 projects of all shapes and sizes.
Q 2 – How many entries to the AAI awards (self censorship via membership of AAI or by aspiration). A 2 – 200 maybe…
Q 3 – Jury distinction as to validity (no rural projects this year, could equally be about any other issue, no conservation, no industrial, no pink……). A 3 – Remove 40% of entries (estimate – issue is the reduction of choices)
Q 4 – AAI maximum number of Awards A 4 – Seven
Q 5 – Salt the mine A 5 – Invite foreign or independent jury members but brief them very carefully about what is locally important (friendly) or worthy of recognition.
Q 6 – Make it anonymous A6 – Images of projects circulated prior to awards or AAI site visits…. quelle suprise?

A narrow field, narrowed by prejudice (all sorts), tailored by prompting and discussed with only a modicum of rigor.
Only dissection is via the presentations
Ideas only barely interrogated or alternatives rarely embraced

Awards …. “same as it always is”

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