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Makeover plans for U2 hotel on ice as Council raises questions
The Irish Independent

U2’s plans to turn the Clarence into “the most spectacular hotel in Europe” are on hold, after council officials issued a deadline to the supergroup to respond to a lengthy list of questions about the project.

For the curious, it’s Reg. Ref. 1394/07: <a href="http://>%20<a%20href='wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=591669%26StartIndex=31%26SortOrder=APNID:asc%26DispResultsAs=WPHAPPSEARCHRES%26BackURL=Search%20Criteria‘>Search%20Results“>>%20<a%20href='wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=591669%26StartIndex=31%26SortOrder=APNID:asc%26DispResultsAs=WPHAPPSEARCHRES%26BackURL=Search%20Criteria‘>Search%20Results

Directive 1. Bearing in mind that Section 57 of the Planning and
Directive 2. Given that DOEHLG Architectural Heritage Guidelines
Directive 3. It is noted that the Section 57 Declarations issued by
Directive 4. The EIS sets out a number of Alternatives
Directive 5. In relation to Item No. 4 above, the applicant is
Directive 6. Bearing in mind that the proposal places great emphasis
Directive 7. The EIS and Design Statement to be augmented by
Directive 8. The applicant is requested to elaborate on the note
Directive 9. In relation to the proposed `skycatcher`/ skyroom,
Condition 10. With regard to specific conservation matters
Condition 11. Given the change in levels between the street levels
Condition 12. The EIS describes the Planning Policy background
Condition 13. The applicant is requested to submit a Project Construction
Condition 14. The EIS indicates that the air monitoring was carried
Condition 15. Applicant is requested to clarify how the plant room
Condition 16. Information on site entrances / exits is necessary
Condition 17. Given the concerns about loss of light adjacent properties,
Condition 18. Having regard to the sensitive receiving environment

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