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The Cork City boundary extension looks a bit extreme, all it seems to be doing is annexing countryside with a few small villages dotted around!.. Has this any chance of going ahead? or are the City Council simply testing the water by demanding such a large extension in the hope that they will at least get something of an extension?..

To be honest the Limerick City boundary is without doubt the biggest shambles of all! At least with Cork and Galway the vast majority of the city is actually within the city boundary, this is definately not the case in Limerick where at this stage less than half of the city is within the boundary, areas such as raheen,dooradoyle, castletroy/monaleen which are clearly natural suburbs of the city are all run by Limerick County Council. The worst thing is that the level of co-operation between the authorities is basically ZERO! An example of this occured this year when the county council included a bus lane in their plans for the improvement of st nessans road in Dooradoyle, however it only runs for around a mile, stopping dead in its tracks at the city boundary!

Over the last few years Limerick co co has also given the go-ahead for a number of large retail/commercial developments on the outskirts of the city, a retail masterplan for the Limerick city area was drawn up a couple of years by the 3 LA’s surrounding the city, however its clear Limerick County Council dont have much interest in sticking to it!

Limerick co co have always been blinded by rates and always seem to let this get in the way of proper planning. They dont care about the problems that their incompetence causes as long as the money continues to roll in! Theres no doubt that a boundary extension is urgently needed but the government has been fudging the issue for years now and its obvious that Dick Roche hasnt got the balls to make a decision! Willie o Dea dosent want to upset anyone either, pretty shameful stuff really!:mad:

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