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it’s nothing to do with sympathy… it’s not needed as the east and north of the city are still under-developed. there wanted extension is out the east of the city where it is most concentrated along the dublin road. if it is needed in other cities then why isn’t it done? and if it is done will there be a proper plan involving hub centres with amenities and various facilities rather than 20,000 semi d’s and 1 shop and no pub, playing areas and other essential in creating a social and personal communities instead of souless estate after estate like the ones shown in graham’s thread. do we really want our society and future to go down that route or can we stand up and be counted. not enough is said on this subject. a lot of bluster is said on one off and that we should all live in estates but if this is what is on offer is it really viable? would you want to move into an area lke that and raise your family, or like so many, choose the alternative for around about similiar prices? there is a physe that we as a society have to get or mind around..that we as a people like to have a it of space. if our estatres were better designed with more usable open space would we have as many one off’s? will we ever favour apartment living? will our cities be populated by our every incresing ‘new irish’ ? there is a steady market as they are used to apartment living.

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