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Surely Haughey (born in Castlebar amongst other places around the country) doesn’t qualify as a dub and maybe Redmond and Burke’s parents were from the country too!

Oh, for the love of God. Maybe Redmond, and Burke had parents from Mars. . Seriously, what other “cosmopolitan”city would see people born in the city as from the country because their parents weren’t “true Dubs” ( the implication being that Dubliners cant be currupt unless tainted by Culchieism). Used against he childred of foreigners born in Dublin and it would quite clearly be what see for what it is, silly regionalism.

Being born, or being brought up in Dublin makes you a Dubliner, but I suspect these boys were true blue. Way back.

Pathetic argument by the way as cute – hoorism is endemic throughout politics no matter where you come from in Ireland.

If it was – which it isn’t, it is at it’s worst by far in Dublin (and this runs throughout the populace – tradesment are more corrupt than Cork, Waterford etc.) – it would not be relevant to by argument which is that Dublin’s curruption is Dublin’s fault,and particularly the fault of the Dublin bred corporation.

Not evil culchies.

A city cannot heal until it recognises it’s own faults, and that it’s fault may not always be the fault of the outsider. Dubliners may have to recognise some of the destruction of Dublin was their fault; and act remedially – not to do so would create more destruction, and with it – no doubt – more Culchie bashing.

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