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Anto, Devin – I would have to agree with the argument in your posts. I think Dublin, for years neglected in terms of a proper transport plan, is finally getting its act together. Or at least I should say it is finally a political issue of huge significance in Dublin and its hinterlands, and hence action is demanded. Alas, in places like Cork, it is still not an issue at the top of the priority list and the reality on the ground reflects this. The public transport system in the city is still a complete joke and is nowhere near what it should be. Cork came out with a very enlightened plan called LUTS (Land Use & Tranportation Plan) back in 1971, but alas only the roads element in that plan was addressed. The commuter rail and bus elements were kicked to touch and thus we are basically left with the same bus routes in the city that we had 20 or 30 years ago. True, the Cobh/Midleton line is finally being upgraded/reopened and a new (albeit limited) park and ride facility has been put in place. However, it is still not part of an integrated plan. Cross-town ticketing, bus/rail interchange, greater bus frequencies, cycling lanes…all still a distant dream. The net result is that commuters don’t have an option but to drive into town.
And while the city council exhort us mere mortals to get on a bus and leave the car at home, they still saw fit to include 300 car parking spaces in their city hall extension while restricting it for any other developer in the city! Obviously their own rules don’t apply to themselves.
I am all for publin transport but I also realise that people need a viable alternative to private transport for this to work. Thankfully, the mess that is the new Cork Airport and the delapidated train station are angering people who are just saying enough is enough and demanding political action. Let’s hope Cork and the other provincial cities see the light soon, because the alternative is more of the same except worse:eek:

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