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hard to know without an aerial photo but i’ll give it a go. remember Google Earth is gettin old now

What is that massive building site next to AIB’s bankcentre? I know Séan Dunne bought it for €375 million a few months ago, is this part of his mega-build with his Jurys site?

that’s an extension to the Bankcentre I think and it’s not the site bought by Sean Dunne> I believe Dunne bought Jurys, the Berkeley Court and Lansdowne House

What is that major build on the M50 between Glasnevin and Blanchardstown?

Probably Pelletstown

When is construction going to start on the Point Village complex? Preparatory work has already begun on the U2 Tower, so when is the North side twin going to get a move-on?

U2 tower hasn’t got Planning Permission yet. It’s just been lodged. That preparatory work is probably something else. POint Village has not gone to planning yet so it could be a while

Is Spencer Dock ever going to be finished? According to Google Earth its just a quarter complete development, when are the other three going to built?

Ongoing process. They’ve also got a LUAS to put in along there too so i presume some sort of cooperation will be needed there check for updates

Is the Phibsboro Tower revamp u/c?, because I cannot see any building going on in the Phibsboro area.

not sure what tower you’re talking about. If it’s the shopping centre, then it all depends on the future of Dalymount as well, which has just been sold. Hopefully a major revamp will happen there

What is that construction site right beside the RDS on the South-East side?
no idea/. I thought it was the bankcentre site

What’s the huge building site in the Stillorgan Industrial Estate?
that’s known as the Allegro site and I believe it’s known as the Sandyford Business Zone, Enterprise Quad, Commerce Core or some such cutting edge term (y’see industrial estate sounds nasty in 06) . They’re putting in offices, hundreds of apartments, retail, retail warehousing, whatever you’re havin yourself. A monstrous development. go to and search for allegro as a keyword. You’ll be amazed at it

All answers welcome, please reply!!![/QUOTE]

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