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@Angry Rebel wrote:

What are you talking about?

I am talking about an ESRI report which came out last year i think . The basic jist was (is) we have twice as many people in the construction industry as we ought to. Accelerating spending on infrastructure would exacerbate this. They wanted the government to wait until construction of houses naturally degins to decrease before cranking up the spending on infrastructure. Thus to try to keep a lid on the number of construction worker.

@Angry Rebel wrote:

Nonsense. There are more bus stops on a route than existing pedestrian crossings! Think about it.

Yes but there are also crossroads all over the place. So there is always a point when cars are stopped to allow other cars to move. during these times pedestrians can cross roads without affecting the flow of traffic. One very good example of this is the mad cow roundabout in dublin where the tram crosses lanes but does not hold up cars anywhere. Think about it. Besides you would not just be providing a little bit of bus capacity , you would provide space for half , two thirds? of commuters , drastically reducing the number of cars.

Angry Rebel wrote:
I’m not saying I have all/any of the answers. I’m just being Irish and rubbishing part of yours ]

You do have some wide streets. We are not after all the first monkeys living in an old city to realise that we needed to find some transports solutions. Firstly narrower buses are available (they are made longer to keep the number of seats the same). Secondly you don’t have to have four lanes every where. You can selectively close rights of way, and traffic patterns to keep cars away from bus routes.

The beauty of this whole idea is that you do the whole city in one go. That way every can see the immediate benefit of necesarry pain. Other wise if you build one bit of a bus lane between wilton and the city say . everyone along the route is inconvenienced and won’t see much benefit because wilton and the city center are not the only places these people drive to.

Think about it . if you don’t do this you will still be sitting in your car giving about about some new shagging magic roundabout in five years and probably ten years.

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