Re: Prosecutions


These extracts are from the linked documents mentioned in the Misuse notice:-

“Unfortunately, research carried out by the RIAI has indicated that there are over 500 practitioners who are not included on the Register but who are still offering services to the public under the title ‘architect’.”

“Quite a number of firms that might have described themselves as engineers and architects have changed to titles such as engineers and building design professionals or building and planning design consultants.”

This is from the Royal Institute web site:-
“The RIAI Practice Directory lists over 622 practices.”

What these figures show is that around 50% of architecture businesses have been marginalised by Part 3 of the BCA 2007.
Clearly there is no more effective means of sheltering an elite than by making criminals of all competitors.

I’ll be preparing a reply to the linked documents sent to politicians – in which I am of course misquoted.

According to Section 67 of the BCA 2007, there are time limits on bringing prosecutions.
It is my personal opinion that the Royal Institute remains estopped from bringing those prosecutions.
Of course this is a matter for the legally trained or even the Courts themselves to decide upon.

Brian Montaut
Architect 18 Nov 2011

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