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Andrew Duffy

PDs unveil regeneration plan for Dublin port
Last updated: 15-12-05, 12:25

Dublin Bay would be transformed into a Manhattan-style skyline under redevelopment plans unveiled today by the Progressive Democrats.

Senator Tom Morrissey said he wanted to see the industrial activity of Dublin Port gradually moved to Bremore, north of Balbriggan, enabling massive urban regeneration of the bay area.

The plan envisages housing, offices, shops, waterfront promenades and parks being built on more than 600 acres of land freed up by the move. The port would be redeveloped for cruise liners.

“This has the potential to create a spectacular Manhattan-style approach to Dublin by sea,” Mr Morrissey said. “The plan draws on international experience in cities like Helsinki and Barcelona where run-down port areas have been transformed beyond recognition.

“It would breath life into Dublin Bay, which is currently an under-used asset.”

The proposals unveiled by the PDs at the International Financial Services Centre today also aim to deliver a truck-free city.

“The ideas we are putting forward would solve Dublin Port’s capacity problem while allowing for the development of `A New Heart for Dublin’ in the future,” Mr Morrissey said.

Mr Morrissey said his party’s proposal was intended to spark debate on how best to develop Dublin Bay, which he described as a unique asset in the heart of the capital. He said he welcomed submissions and suggestions from the public and interested parties on the best way to utilise the bay.


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