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NOTE: To view this image of the development at Eglinton Street by O’Flynn Construction, highlight – cut – and paste the link into your address bar and press enter.
I intend to get more images of this development (incl. quayside aspect) soon. If possible – with Howard Holdings development included.

The quayside aspect is most noticeable for its copper-tinged facade, especially facing City Hall – with which it is suppose to compliment the hall’s famous copper rotunda. Large windows stretch the height of the building facing out onto a new street-scape between the development and rear of new Howard Holdings IT/office building on Albert Quay, and Doyle Family warehouses (which have also been earmarked for a substantial docklands development).

We can take it as a given that An Taisce will object – they will most probably cite overshadowing and ‘negative’ visual impact the O’Flynn proposal will have on City Hall due to it’s ‘excessive’ height. They may also claim it would be ‘damaging’ to the warehousing on Albert Quay (due for demolition anyway) which are among few reminiscents of Cork’s heritage associated with industry and rail. Albert Road’s former Railway Station will also probably be targeted.

Nearby residents will cite visual intrusion due to excessive height – although I understand their concerns, the slender nature of the building minimises any visual disruption. The fact that Douglas Road and Jewtown residencies are predominantly road facing and thus face away from the project probably will fall on deaf resident ears.

I think the height of the building is a non-issue in light of the fact that it is fitting to the area with respect to a strategic outlook. Its a landmark in the positive sense – not Victoria Mills sense (shudder!), and that it is not excessive but is slender.

I hope it works out well!

The next 2 big planning decision announcements are for the UCC Boole Library Extension and redevelopment of Kino Cinema on Washington Street.

I don’t have any links for the Cornmarket Street development yet, but I’ll try and find some suitable images. I’ll be in contact with Rockfell soon and ask them or the architect (Niall Coffey of Frank Ennis and Assoc) to send me on some graphics.

And yes, Tumblegate Ltd are proceeding with the Father Matthew Quay development – with Joseph Lane & Sons Ltd the main contractors – however before primary construction can begin, a number of structural reinforcement issues have to be resolved in the interests of safety at the old Mill Building. This is currently proceeding.


🙂 Frinailla Developments have applied for permission to demolish all existing buildings from 43 to 52 Watercourse Road and begin subsurface investigations. Frinailla plan during this work to resubmit a new, mildly adjusted application for a major community based residential and commercial development. The original proposal was refused by ABP. The estimated value of the development is 50m euro.

🙂 Ward Anderson are expected to make an announcement soon with relation to their plans for the Capitol Cineplex site on Grand Parade – this comes after they lodged an application to CCC to begin fitting out their new 11-screen multiplex at Mahon Point SC – due to open Feb 2005. One of their plans was to develop a significant, landmark retail facility of 6-storeys over basement – however other options may yet be decided.

What a day for Cork developments!

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