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Have to disagree with Greg. I think it’s totally up in the air whether a new shopping mall, however glitzy looking, would do anything for the street other than drawing more people into it during the day.
The Ilac is a stone’s throw away and look at that…
And DCCs complete powerlessness over what kind of shops are opened once retail use is established has to put a question mark over the quality of any shops in the new mall.
Not convinced? A bookies is now due to open on Grafton Street. Grafton Street!!!
The Abbey is currently tucked away in drab building in a lousy location, and I’m not sure of the benefits of bringing it back onto the river. Have you ever tried showing our world renowned national theatre building to an overseas friend? It’s an embarrassment.
We’ve already got theatre/ cinemas/ music venues on and around O’Connell Street. Why not create a critical mass with The Abbey?
A rejuvenated O’Connell street could be grand enough for people to want to stick around after their show, providing enough bodies for a decent restaurant scene (lacking on the north side).

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