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I’m surprised at how little attention this project has received, but the new Mardyke Pedestrian Bridge has been set in place over the w/e by Fleming Construction. The 1m euro bridge spans the northern River Lee channel between the Mardyke and the Distillery Fields (which leads out onto North Mall) at it’s eastern end. The bridge is far more dynamic looking than the much hyped Shadon Bridge further down the river, and in my opinion, rather attractive. I’ll try and get pictures up soon.

One of the biggest and most important planning decisions of the year is due this Friday, the 25th of February 2005. O’Flynn Construction’s 60m euro + Eglinton Street development of 217 generous residential units, 550 underground parking spaces over dual basement, a 17-storey 70m landmark tower, offices, retail, a new street, amenity area and landscaping. Designed by Frank O’Mahony of Wilson Architecture. The project has been through Further Information (although clarification issues may yet be requested!) and if granted this Friday, will represent a new beginning for Cork and its docklands rejuvenation. The 1.5acre former An Post site was sold to OFC for 15m euros in early 2004. Not only does the project inject another vital boost of confidence in the docklands, but Cork as a whole, leading a new standard and level of development within the city – and providing a new landmark mirroring Cork’s confidence in itself for the future. Fingers tightly crossed – if the greenlight flashes, this could well represent a new and enlightened approach of city planners. Let’s just hope.

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