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Sean Carney

I did not once but a few times hear that O Connell St in Dublin was refered to as the widest street in the world, was actually said on a RTE programme a while back, fact.
Secondly I am not a narrowminded person, just because I misjudged the defination, the world ain’t going to fall apart over it. I’ve learned something, is that not what forums are about apart from other things like giving “YOUR OPINION”, i have my own mind and a right to agreee, disagree and give an opinion if it’s liked or not?
I am a controversial character and this may show on my replys, u just going to have to get used to it.
Also my spelling ain’t great because I be at work and quickly log on to read or reply so I don’t have a chance to go over everything.
Sorry, I can’t be perfect like all the rest of you as I am only human.

Thanking You.


🙂 That ones really going to get up your noses.

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