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Personally I think the current HMV building is a beautiful piece of architecture. From its ornate detailling to ‘Roman-esque’ columns, I believe it is a fine and sadly overlooked structure.

In terms of development – the building I believe is an attractive investment opportunity, but not in terms of development. The floorspace of the building is still limited and expansion opportunities are confined. If an expansion – incorporating premises extending to a Carey’s Lane frontage – were available for development, for perhaps, a higher-order retail mall, I think this would increase the attractiveness of the premises from a developers point of view. However, as is, I believe the buildings current nature is best served as a store facility (like HMV). Personally, unless development plans were of an unparallelled aesthetic nature, I would object to any tampering with this fine specimen of architecture. Somethings are best left as they are. I believe the HMV building is such a structure.

@kingcronin wrote:

Hope im not picking your brains too much?

Not much to pick at I’m afraid! 🙂

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