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Yeah anto, the Patrick’s Street lamps are a topic of some debate, but I think it’s hard to deny the fact, the city centre is looking way better. Oliver Plunkett Street, Grand Parade, Shandon Street, South Mall and soon to be refurbished Cornmarket Street are all going to add to this.

I agree that Cork still has a long way to go, but it’s nice to see that it is on that way. Some major projects are nearing completion, coming on-line and/or are in planning for the city – its really encouraging.

Fears that developments like Mahon Point, Ballincollig Town Centre and the redevelopment of Douglas Village SC would take away from the city centre, are being combat by projects such as the proposed 150m retail development on Academy Street by O’Callaghan Properties, the 60m retail/residential project at Eglinton Street by O’Flynn Construction, the Grand Parade Plaza by Frinailla, Cornmarket Street (Guy & Co. building) development by Rockfell and proposed 30m retail/leisure development at Grand Parade/Washington Street junction (no confirmation as of yet). As a result, there is a major influx of investment into the city centre, as well as suburbs. The Cork city office market is really coming into swing, with Howard Holdings 100m euro City Quarter office development, O’Callaghan Properties lavish 21 Lavitts Quay, O’Flynn Construction’s No.5 and No.6 Lapps Quay, Corbett Bros. Copley Street office development and their other office development at Parnell Place/Beasley Street – as well as other such projects like Howard Holdings office building for Alberts Quay and the new Irish Examiner HQ on Lavitts Quay. In addition – the full potential of the Cork Docklands will be spectacular.

The market is really treating these developments well – and it is a clear sign, as Howard Holdings always say that ‘Cork is on the up!’ If projects like these keep in motion (and there are many more projects yet to come into effect), Cork is truly getting its act together and will act as a major counter-balance.

As for litter, believe it or not, Cork has actually got an awful lot better it’s refuse problems – but I agree, we really need to enforce more stringent laws against the shameful crime. Though I refuse to believe Cork is any worse than places like Dublin and Limerick, it doens’t mean we can slack off in our fight on litter. Cork should be a leading example.


In addition to Irish Examiner reports today (28th July 2004), I have been informed that Rockfell Investments look set to be grant permission for their major retail and residential development on Cornmarket Street. The development will include a 6-storey building with 7 retail units amounting to 120,000sq ft in retail space over 2 floors, with the remaining floors utilised as 80 apartments (it is likely this figure will be readdressed). The retail units will be configured to satisfy department store needs. A few big names have expressed interest in this development already, but I can’t reveal their identities without offical notice of planning permission grant. (also because some reporter may splash it all over a local tabloid).

The development will revitalise the street, which it badly needs, and which is set to become a new retail and cultural quarter extending off Patrick’s Street (see previous reports).

Originally, Rockfell had applied back in 1999 for a 9-storey, 408 bedroom hotel development with 1300 seat conference centre, leisure centre, superpub, 20 retail units and 172 space double basement car-park on the same site – but it was refused by ABP. This development was a great loss to Cork – probably one of its biggest in recent times – its design and utility would have revitalised the area much sooner and breathe new life into the street on all levels. It’s most recent incarnation is not up to the same scratch as the past proposal I feel, but it would be a positive step nonethless. I just hope ABP don’t have to get involved this time. An equivalent such loss nowadays would be Water Street, who’s decision has been pushed back until September – I just hope the same mistake isn’t made twice.

Architect = Frank Ennis and Assoc.
Developers = Rockfell Investments (headed by Michael O’Donoghue of the O’Donoghue/Ring Hotel Group and Munster Joinery)

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