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its finally good to see people taking an interest in the built environment outside the pale, however looking through not only this forum, but others one gets a very negative attitude. while we need to be subjective about what is being built in our country, we also need to praise the work which merits it

a comment was made about the opera house is cork, which is a result of the era it was built, not trying to defend the design if you can call a rectangular brick box a design, but this building was built in hard economic times on a shoestring budget, it s recent face lift and that of emmet plc has made the area less drab and with johhson and perrott moving to a new 4 million euro showroom in o callaghans mahon point, it leaves a valuable space for what we hope will be an exciting development in the heart of the city.

the new murray o laoire bulding in ucc and the new school of music on the quays should also improve the citys image. a new apartment block on sawmill street across from st johns college , designed by jack coughlan architects (i think) is also a welcome addition to the city , situtated alongside the south terrace apartment complex , it looks like things have changed for the better

anyway sorry for rambling on , just all this negative stuff is a bit much , lets hope one of the cranes from the extension to the south mall falls mysteriosly and takes the dreadful eicom building with it , yours prc šŸ™‚

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