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I’ve looked a bit more into all this…The RIAI guide (the RIAI Good Practice Guide) mentions the CITA layering system. (‘Plug’, just ring the RIAI for a copy of their guide).

CITA ( were setup in 2001 to establish standards for use of IT in the construction industry. While these are not BSI (British) or NSAI (Irish) standards, at least there are a number of important construction industry members involved.

They appear to be trying to get many of the Councils onboard with this system and lead from there. So far they seem to have a few…and as they have the RIAI, IEI, CIF, etc onboard, I guess it can only improve.

Levels are like…

AA – WALL – INTN – 04

…so Architectural, Walls, Internal, pen weight 04

It’s intended to set a standard for the whole industry, so for example structural levels would begin with SE, mechanical with ME, electrical with EE, etc. Seems quite good.

Has anyone used this system before?? Any probs with it?

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