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Teak, This is how I post a photo – I’m sure there are far easier ways but this works for me.

Set up a free photo sharing account such as Upload your photo from computer to your imgur account. While in imgur, select photo you wish to upload to Archiseek. Copy the link to your photo by clicking the icon next to ‘BBcode (message boards & forums)’

Back on the Archiseek forum, Click the ‘img’ icon above. A Prompt will appear:

Delete the ‘http://’ so that the prompt box is cleared. Now paste your link in the prompt box, and delete the sets of brackets either side of the link. Click OK and give the photo a description.

When finished posting, click the ‘Submit’ icon below. You can still edit the post or delete content for a while afterwards. (A ‘Preview Post’ would be handy here). By the way, if you delete photos from the photo sharing account, they will also be deleted from your Archiseek post as far as I know.

Clinch, Unfortunately, several spam accounts have been present the last while and is probably putting a lot of people off posting. Maybe Paul could block these accounts?

The ‘Clothing’ one is a kind of funny though!

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