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Originally posted by Rory W
What about Sth King Street – Drury Street and Demolish eircom building at end of Drury Street and run Luas through to Dame Street to emerge where Snap Printing is (so we ain’t knocking anything older than late 80’s here). Makes for a new vista facing onto Central bank plaza.

Opens up Drury Street to luas trade, allows Buses etc to deal with the Grafton/Nassau street issue, creates new street (retail opportunities) as well as new view of Central Bank as well as finding use for Sth King Street!!

What do you think?

Rory W,

Can you be a little more specific as to where you want the route to go? Are you saying bring it along South King Street, followed by Stephens Street Lower then down Drury Street? Where would you take it after the intersection with Drury St and Exchange Street? There is alot of tight corners to be taken in that area.

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