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Originally posted by Jack White
Zap you are absolutely right it is sad that yet another Dublin institution is gone. Findlater House is a complete insult to the great tradition that family name once represented, Harvy nicks can retain status in London or even Dundrum, Grafton St will be at a serious loss minus Bewleys Oriental Cafe full stop

Aren’t we all getting a little misty eyed? Grafton st is now officially the 5th most expensive street in the world. People’s tastes for coffee and food have rocketed in the last 5-10 years. Bewley’s is an idea, a throw back to the safe old days of breakfast with granny in Bewleys. It has been left behind and seems powerless to sort out it’s act.

The fact is that it is literally a facade. A nice building with a crap coffee shop behind the myth. By all means keep the buildings, list them even, but I for one won’t miss the coffee.

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