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How much of the interior is original on Grafton St – I rarely go in there so don’t know it well enough. Was it the refurbishment of the Westmoreland St branch that everyone gave out about in the mid-90s? I’ve never been in that one at all – did it have an original 1900s interior? I’ve always loved the brown bow window separating the entrances here, got a charming late Georgian and Edwardian character to it. There should be cakes on display rather than bags of coffee though šŸ™‚

It is a sad day to see them close, whatever about standards etc.
Indeed if you stand back from it all, it seems extraordinary that such an institution is shutting down – you’d never have believed it possible 2 or 3 years ago before the tide began to turn.
To retain the name in some way for what ever replaces it would be nice.

Just on that application for Westmoreland, considering this property is PVCed up to the hilt, presumably the ‘period windows’ refers to the insertion of Victorian plates or Georgian sashes, rather than reassembling the WSC features.
There was a more detailed app in the adjoining building as I passed this evening, someone was standing in front of it though, couldn’t very well ask them to move!

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