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J. Seerski

A point to note – surely it is not unreasonable to believe that parts of the Ormond predate 1700 – As Ormond Quay was developed during the 1670s-90s? As far as I am aware, a building that can be proved to pre-date 1700 is declared a National Monument – therefore cannot be demolished.

I dont want to get passionate, but I really am convinced that this demolition will destroy the rythm of the quays from the Four Courts to the Customs House. Yes the Ormond was not a great Hotel – but that is not what is at issue here- will its demolition and replacement enhance the quays? So much of the quays have been destroyed that it should not be long before there will be no buildings of any historic value fronting the Liffey – it should be noted that architectural historians consider the quays make-up of un-uniform (though similar) enhance the great Gandon buildings by acting as a foil to this grandeur.


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