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To be glib, with those windows you can knock it!

Ah, no – it’s unfortunate the state of this building, the windows, the dated colour, the nasty ground floor – they all make the building quite ugly to be honest. You can only wince at the rows of horrendous modern window frames, esp with their lights sticking out.
Admittedly I though the hotel was a bit further west than it is, with modern infill round about it but it’s not – rather it’s sited in the middle of a decent terrace of old stock.

Where a number older buildings exist, that create a certain character, this should be maintained I think. I’d welcome decent infill in the many vacant or rundown sites, and indeed entire terraces of it elsewhere on the quays, such as Arran Quay, but this is not the place for it. The Ormonde could look fanastic if restored properly. McBirneys is such an example.

Here’s the view from Grattan Bridge at the moment:

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