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Capel street has two traffic lanes and two rows of parking. As it’s one-way, perhaps the ideal compromise would be to reduce this to one lane of traffic (and somehow put the rest elsewhere – where I don’t know!!) and one row of parking. The parking would alternate between trees/puplic-bench/cafe seating, and then parking, alternating on both sides. This would also make the street easier to cross, as it can often be a bit difficult. It would also give a nice place for the ‘get-yer-bananaaas’ ladies. Parking of course is an absolute must for a furniture street, and perhaps should take up 2/3 of these side areas, to 1/3 trees/bench areas.

I’d hate to see Capel St lose its furniture/art/camping/DIY aspects, but I’m sure the occasional bench or couple of seats can only complement that (for the few pubs and sandwich shops). I’m not sure that it would necessarily take off as a cafe destination, as in some ways surely the new pedestrian mall/boardwalk/liffey st/parliament st are far better locations for sun, etc?

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