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I think Dick Gleeson has to play it a lot cleverer than most, there are always a number of agendas within local authorities that one must approach with care.

I got the impression that he personally favours improving the pedestrian environment in College Green and that if he had the chance he would favour a total pedestrianisation.

There are four impediments to delivering a College Green Plaza.

1). The Trees in front of the BOI, anyone got a loan of a chainsaw? You have to see the bigger picture.

2). The Buses and futue possible Luas, Luas isn’t going to happen for a long while and if it does Fleet St/ Temple Bar would be perfect. The buses and Taxis could use Dame St/ College Green but simply not be permitted to allow passengers alight from there.

3). Disruption to businesses, the operation of both Henry St and Grafton St proves that goods can still be delivered.

4.) Disruption to traffic, thats why an inner orbital exists and when the Macken St Bridge is completed most of the North-South traffic will have an alternative route, and the Cuffe St- Christchurch- Phibsboro route can take pressure off as well.

The end definitely justifies the means on this one, but It will probably be a few years before it happens.

A few good preliminary measures would be to.

1). Move the College Green Taxi rank to the side of the Central Bank.
2). Eliminate as many bus-stops as possible and re-position them on the next Street out, such as Westmoreland St, Georges St, Lord Edward St.
3). Ban the right turn at Nicholas St to Christchurch Place
4). Ban the right turn on Bachelors walk to O’Connell Bridge

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