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Paul Clerkin

from Radio Kerry

Tuesday 28th of September 2004 04:37 pm

Website criticises Dungeail House decision
An architecture website has severely criticised Kerry Councillors for the decision to delist Dungeail House in Valentia. The unanimous decision was taken against the advice of planners, independent consultants and heritage bodies. Dungeil House is a 19th century structure which has fallen into disrepair. The motion to delist paves the way for demolition and a redevelopment of the site.

Following the vote, Irish architecture dot com began a survey which finds that Kerry’s planning system is in chaos. 35 per cent of people visiting the site said the system is at best a joke and 55 per cent suggest it is in chaos and should be changed. One suggestion is that the Department of the Environment should take control of planning in Kerry. The website makes the point that the system has to be run by trained professionals and local representatives should not be connected with it in any way. None of the people polled found that the the system functions perfectly.

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