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I don’t think it would be possible at the moment to stage anything of major sporting importance here, realistically speaking. We are too lethargic and lack optimistic vision. Our facilities are Zilch! If money were to be spent on such projects the bleeding heart brigade would be complaining about lack of hospital beds, the homeless, the buses, the weather etc….(Maybe we should complain about the cost of bringing the pope here on his second potential tour) While the staging of the disabled Olympics was a great success and credit to all involved, however I don’t think the hosting of other major sporting events is viable. The GAA are too cloth headed and clannish, The FAI and the Rugby shower are too amateurish. I mean, we don’t even have a national stadium, yet alone a winning Olympic team. I could’nt imagine hosting anything with our fellow Irish Unionisit brethern. I would imagine that they would be so disagreeable as with everything else. Although it is a great concept.
Stay drinking in the pubs people …encourage your kids to do the same too, It’s what Ireland is all about and sure we’ll fix it tomorrow,…………….if the weathers good!

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