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Originally posted by deza
On paper Dublin sprawls for quite a bit. However, my view on this was changed when flying off from Dublin airport a month ago. As you know, the airport is no more than 7 miles from the city centre, but if you look out the window as soon as the plane starts to make it’s accent all you can see are fields – as far as the eye can see.

The area around the Airport is probably the least developed area relative to its distance from the City Centre.

Best International planning practice is to limit non-airport related development for 2-5kms around Airports for three reasons

1> Safety
2> Environmental Health ie noise and air pollution
3> To reserve the land for airport related uses.

If there was a planning free for all around the airport it would simply become a sprawling retail warehouse park.

The Fingal South Fringe Study 2002 deals with the rationale.

What has also hampered North County Dublin is the lack of rail services, it simply isn’t possible to develop many more car dependent homes in this area. To get from the CC to Swords in the evening rush hour takes about 75-90 minutes on the Bus or about the time it takes a train to get to Tullamore.

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