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Agreed, Heuston is great, especially the entrance foyer area marring ‘old with new’. And the terminal is kept spotless.

In contrast, Connolly is an absolute disaster in every sense, from the materials used, to their quality, to layout, to design, to respecting the original buildings, to maintanance.
It is a disgrace that the main entrance leads you into a manky tunnel, and the replacement stone around the entrance where the steps were removed is possibly the worst job I have ever seen. And supposedly swanky toilets are woefully inadequate, and the lack even of decent water or ventilation in there should be the concern of the Health Board.
And the dated shoddy design is spreading outside now with the new Luas canopy, the type that has adorned British supermarkets for the past decade.

I think it was David Chambers who posted here before about the 4 & 5 canopy, he said there was a planning permission notice up for its partial removal – well feck it anyway, forgot all about finding out about it that after deciding to walk instead of take the DART!
It would be terrible to loose any part of this structure let alone all of it, it’s an impressive piece of engineering for Dublin, especially how it gently curves around to follow the line of the Loop Line track. And despite the plastic and poor decorative condition, the ironwork was in good order – there certainly is no reason for removal on structural grounds. Admittedly the plethora of valleys and joints in the part attached to the terrace of buildings must be in ragged order at this stage, but again, nothing that bit of maintainance cannot resolve.
I doubt any attempt will be made to replicate the 80s lump on 6 & 7, but still I can’t see why IE would want to shorten the length of the Victorian considering the whole purpose of the project is the lengthen platforms to cater for 8 carriage DARTs.
And surely the CC didn’t sanction part of its removal – would they…?

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