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Originally posted by Graham Hickey
O’Connell Bridge is apallingly defaced with the lighting strips and countless other brackets, spotlights, junction boxes and yards of cabling all laid inches away, and on top of, some of the most detailed stonework people are likely to see up-close in Dublin.

I agree totally with what’s been said with regard to insensitivity of lighting and especially attachment of lighting fittings and cabling to stone facades in this country.

Some of the ‘Millenium’ lighting of Liffey bridges a few years back was very insensitive. And the lurid green colour used was tasteless.

Queen Street bridge (official name ‘Mellowes Bridge’) – is the most classically distinguished and – in my opinion – most beautiful of all the Liffey bridges. Its facades should not be touched. But square-profile metal bars carrying cabling were attached to the outside of the balustrade plinth and fiddly spotlights were put on the piers in the space above the niches… It made me want to cry!

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