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Originally posted by Graham Hickey
Just on the issue of Section 140s, what is their purpose – what’s the idea behind them?

Section 140 was devised to allow councillors sanction material contraventions in the development plan when all suitable lands in the plan were developed. They were in essence created by way of the failure of CC’s to enact a new development plan every five years as envisaged by the 1963 act.

Childs v Wicklow CoCo in the Supreme Court (1992) delivered the rule that a County Manager is obliged to apply the same consideration for Section 140’s as other planning applications before granting permission. In the Child case he (The Manager) decided that his County Engineer and planners were correct and refused permission.

This occurs and last occured last month in Co Monaghan 🙂

Originally posted by Anto
John Waters was writing in favour of the peasants right to build one off houses in yesterday’s Irish Times. Launched the IRDA’s book for them the other night

He is about the only Journalist that would launch anything for them. Anyone who planned a family with Sinead O’Connor and then complained could hardly be called an authority on any type of planning.

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