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With reference to the difficult position remark – I was referring to the fact that I acknowledge these forums haven’t given An Taisce much slack. But I also acknowledge that there is no smoke without fire.

-> W.R.T. Jobs – is it not true, that if stringent planning conditions endorsed by strong local objection are predominant in a city, private investment will go elsewhere? (This was for so long the case in Cork until the local planning authorities under Joe Gavin got a much needed shake-up).

-> W.R.T. Design – Local Planning have become far demanding in their expectations of architectural quality in Cork. This is evident in the design quality of the latest projects. Your indication of a distaste for architectural quality in Cork’s latest projects is a matter of opinion – I initially had distaste for Water Street in its design, but it has grown on me. Do you also refute the design quality with regards to environment for the projects at Lapps Quay, Lavitts Quay, Camden Quay, County Hall and Brookfield? Their standard is generally considered of a very high order. (I have posted some of these pictures at thread ‘Cork – New Developments’. If you wish to view more, please indicate this to me.)

-> W.R.T. 18TH Century Buildings – what’s left is practically rubble. There is nothing to preserve, as is agreed by d_d_dallas and all all aware of Water Street. This is what is the cause of such outrage (similar to Mannix’s project on Washington Street. As a point of interest I intend to post pictures of these sites in their present state, and with that of the proposed development).

-> W.R.T. R&H Hall, a point I agree with you on, I think they would be superb areas for development. However, please feel free to contact An Taisce in Cork, they have already voiced objections to any proposed demolition of the grain silos and any development proposed as a replacement – without even seeing any plans??? I haven’t even seen plans for there yet. Is…is that reasonable? You seem to already be aware of the nature of these premises.

And finally, I will lend my support to An Taisce with regard to reasonable objection, but their carry on in Cork has made them lose an awful lot of credibility and enraged many locals, even those in City Planning, ring and ask! As a democracy we are obliged to hear and acknowledge opinion, but An Taisce have breached unfairness. If they are to gain any respect from a vast quantity of the locale again, An Taisce ae going to need to address themselves and think seriously about the road they are taking – especially their Cork branch, whom I will be meeting soon enough to discuss the like with first hand.

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