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there are 18th century buildings on the water street site, but they are being retained as part of the proposal, i think An Taisce have little basis for this submission, although I have not seen it yet. i think the an taisce submission will give CCC the ammunition they need to refuse it and an taisce can take the heat, a bit sad really. its a pity that CCC and AT arent firmly supportive of this first docklands scheme – Cork City Docklands needs a catalyst badly – and it wont come from horgans quay/kent station – here we have a developer willing to be the first to put his hand in to the docklands and he’s going to get burned. cork has a reputation nationally and internationally of a city that is traditionally anti -development, and that image needs to change if the city is ever going to expand eastwards towards the city docks – this decision would confirm that belief and will be a highly symbolic decision and will send a very strong signal out to prospective developers at national and international level.

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