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This is an interesting discussion notwithstanding the unusually polemical thread title.

Lexington, thanks for the list of projects but can I press you a bit more on what exactly is An Taisce’s sin in the process?
Is it because they waste time or because they tell tales outside Cork?

OK I get the point about the delay in knocking the house in Passage West. But is the problem generally delays – “vexatious” appeals that hold things up for 4 months before ABP bins them?

Or, is your problem really with ABP itself – that it overrules Cork City Council decisions?

You see, I do have sympathy with Diaspora’s point. An Taisce does not make planning decisions. I sort of get the impression that you wish they would go away ‘cos if they were absent no one else would try and encourage “Dublin” (ABP) to interfere in “Our” (Cork) planning decisions.

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