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Originally posted by aland
jeez lexington…..where you been for the last two years?

An Taisce have had the shit kicked out of them on this forum for as long as I’ve been a member.

Diaspora to his credit has stayed resolute though, throughout.:)

Thanks Alan,

You have put a very good case for good modern architecture as long as I’ve been posting here (which isn’t very long), the type of buildings that will have retained their facades in 20 years. Not like the type of stuff the ‘New and Shiny brigade’ like Lexington enjoy to proclaim as modern and visionary.

An Taisce no longer receive any state aid other than classification as a charitable and freindly society under the companies acts.

If you have a problem with any of the above developments being refused permission I suggest that you adress all correspondence to An Bord Pleannalla 64 Marlborough St Dublin 1.

An Taisce lose some appeals because the bord in their wisdom accept that the development should procede against the ‘Opinion’ of An Taisce. Examples include the waste incinerator for Ringaskiddy no doubt a great fit with a world class office district.

What you need to do Lexington is put your money where your size 9 resides and submit an observation to Cork CC on every development you wish to see passed, then submit an observation to An Bord Pleannalla, then and only then while working voluntarily could you claim to be right.

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