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Costomised systems are best as each office has a different methods of bringing documentation from planning to as-built. Compliance with any system can be managed by having all layers on a pull down menu , all linetypes and colours are by-layer. Layers are catagorised by discipline followed by element, then material, scale, new exist , demo. Sub catagories can go on indefinately depending on the size of the project. A simple project could have for example A-text-050 a large project could have A-zone_B-concrete-setdown-text-000. Drawings can be filtered to show only zone b elements, only concrete elements, the number refers to the scale details will be represented at, 000 means all scales.
With a well designed system, drawing model can be draw orthaganally, All plans have the same origin and sections and elevations are drawn perpendicular to the grid. Details are overlaid on large scale sections.
Cad drawings match hardcopies in that if i look for cad drawing a-156 it is called a-156.dwg and is a single titleblock with the CAD model referenced in. An investment of time in setting up a proper system pays dividends, especially with high staff turnover.

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