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Originally posted by Craig Davis
I totally agree that this is something that needs to be discussed. I’d be interested to know where do groups such as the Dublin Civic Trust, The Irish Georgian Society and An Taisce stand on this? What’s the general feeling out there about this?

This discussion has been one to sit out a little, well done lads

Everything is site specific but I think classification into type of Street allows a little more space to generalise.

I think that the biggest problem with pastiche is that it has generally been of a very poor standard with traditional details such as Granite cills being replaced with concrete etc.

In important streetscapes such as Westmoreland ST I can accept well executed reproduction vs the influenced by general period copies that plague all cities. I also like buildings that are made from salvaged materials. There are many materials floating around particularly in the North of England. The major problem is the type of pastiche that is actually built.

In Secondary locations such as Thomas St or other town centres I believe that the US National Trust’s ‘Main Street Rejuvination programme’ is a shining example of how to get it right. In the programme a potentially fine but currently tatty building is selected for complete renovation, regardless of the specific economic viability. Research indicates that $40 of private sector investment follows each dollar in these ‘lead investments’

The American model is interesting because most of these downtown streets are not architecturally perfect streetscapes, but more often a fusion of Victorian, Deco and early modern. As stated in the Grafton St thread they look essentially old without adhering to any particular style.

I think that Victorian architecture is in many ways the odd man out, in that all the fussy detailing can often react poorly with the more symetrical Georgian and Deco buildings.

The key is to look at each proposal individually and ensure that building lines are maintained and that the materials can work with their neighbours. A good example of this is the building at the corner of Fosters Place and College Green.

Whoever allowed the EBS HQ on Westmoreland St should be hung drawn and quartered.

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